Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Trees finished and mantle decorated

I've almost finished the house decorating... but I'm running out of time. Christmas is coming so fast this year! This week marks weeks number 5 of being sick. It's not a bad sick, but a lingering cough and occasional nose blowing... and then being tired all the time. It makes it challenging to decorate and chase after Elsie. But I'm carrying-on since this is my favorite holiday.
We finished the little felted trees and added all their petite ornaments and garland:

Here is a shot of the mantle:

The white Santa in the middle belonged to Dave's grandparents. They had an artist/friend named Crackers who made him. She bought him as greenware and then added the glazes and the gold. I just love him and put him out every year.
I'm quite proud of myself for finally working up the courage to switch my digital camera setting from auto to manual. I've had it set on auto since I bought the darn thing 5 years ago. The manual setting works so much better on the Christmas lights. Instead of little deer candles in headlights, I get this nice wintry scene with Christmas glow! I need to try this setting on other things tonight. Also the focus is GREATLY improved.

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