Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Hecticness.... and general craziness

My blog has been terribly quiet for the past couple of weeks and regrettably craft and holiday free.
Here is why:
The week of Dec 4 my freelance client called scheduling work for me and lining up a very important meeting than I am to attend in Boulder, CO on Dec 21.
Dec 11 and 12- working on freelance project
Dec 12- am contacted by another company looking for a freelancer; they want to meet me this week on Fri, Dec 15
Dec 13 and 14- First client at my house for a 2-day working meeting with baby Ewan screaming off and on
Dec 14 (evening) and Dec 15 (afternoon)- Trunk Show for Mister Judy (product line that I do with my sister)
Dec 15- Other company calls during Trunk Show (which unfortunately is not really busy) and wants to come over and shop the show and interview me at the same time; of course, I say yes. During the interview the cat barfs on the floor, my daughter spills an entire bowl of dry (thanks goodness) Cheerioes on the floor, and baby Ewan screams the entire time I present my portfolio. The client (who has a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old) thinks the interview went really well and hires me on the spot- maybe he didn't notice the complete chaos of my surroundings
Dec 16- Beginning to worry that I might not get Christmas scarves knitted in time. Attend Holiday Open House any way with in-laws and at least get to see Santa

Dec 17- some knitting, some freelance work
Dec 18- I was asked back in November by a professor at my university to help moderate a school project. Today is the deadline. I spend a few hours reviewing student's projects and making notes. I also have now run out of yarn for one of the scarves and go back to the store. They have it in stock but it just arrived and is in a box in the back. They ask "Can you wait 72 hours?". The US Postal Service shipping deadling is Dec 20 and I'm supposed to be on a place Dec 20. I buy replacement yarn and start to reknit.
Dec 19- Make a store visit with Mister Judy product and consign a small grouping to Zenana Day Spa. Spend 2 hours on the phone with university professor discussing grading. Spend many hours at computer and on phone preparing for trip to Boulder.
Dec 20- Get up at 4:15 am. Taxi picks me up at 5:15am. I board plane at 6:20am. Somewhere over Wyoming plane turns around and goes back to Portland due to bad weather in Denver... all this while I am knitting furiously on the new scarf. I call client when I'm on the ground to advise him of the situation. He instructs me to Fed Ex all items to the office in Boulder. Spend the rest of the day wired on caffiene completing projects for shipment.
Dec 21- Meeting is cancelled in Boulder due to weather. I spend a little time on the phone, but finally have a day off! I knit like a mad woman and finish the scarf! I wrap and pack the last Christmas gifts, pick up Elsie at preschool and head to the post office. Upon returning home, I collapse on the couch and nap and watch movies with Elsie. The spouse has taken baby Ewan for the afternoon to run some guy errands.
I am now focusing only on Christmas now. I still have a few things to make, but am not doing any more shopping or errands. I want to decorate my still naked trees and a make a stocking for Mister Ewan.... it feels good to breathe.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pretty Sparkly Trees

There is nothing like an aluminum christmas tree. They are so sparkly and pretty. And when someone walks by and creates a breeze the little "needles" wiggle and glitter and sparkle. I need to devise a way to have a gentle breeze blowing on ours so they sparkle all the time.

Seasons Gleamings is an excellent resource for inspiring images of metallic trees. I really like this one with the blue background (like our living room walls) and the red balls.

The trees came in colors too- green, blue, aqua, and PINK! The pink ones are rather rare and are always terribly expensive at the vintage shops. Maybe someday I'll get lucky and score one at a garage sale. Speaking of lucky, check out the tree that Mary scored in a dumpster! What a find! I love her ornaments inspired by her son.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas W.I.P.

Miss Elsie and I set up our forest of aluminum Christmas trees yesterday.

It was quite a work out with a 4 year old and a hundred or so individual branches and paper sleeves. I was sweating by the time we were done.

Her attention span wasn't really geared for three trees... more like one and a half, but she stuck with it. I still need to get out the rotating lights. The one thing I wish we had was a rotating tree stand! That would be so cool.