Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home projects never quite go as planned...

I have made a total of three trips to IKEA to purchase and return lights. I finally have the correct lights to illuminate my board. It started with this...

The magnet boards fit, but they needed their own set of lights.

Then I covered them in some neutral linen-like fabric.

But the additional thickness of the fabric made the boards not quite line up with their screws.  So in the process of trying to reattach them, I pushed the screws through the drywall.  So I had to drag out the power drill, and drill holes, and put in anchors.  I put the last two up today and am happy with the end result.  And glad the whole mess is done.  I really get unhappy when a project goes awry and takes an additional day to complete.

I also treated myself to this beautiful glass vase from IKEA (I visited it every time I was there, so on the last trip, I just went ahead and bought it.)  It is a deep red color which really doesn't show in the picture.  You will notice on the ceiling the tiny little lights that will illuminate the board area.  It's hard to believe that something so small could result in so many trips to a store.

So as a cheer-me-up, I baked some blue berry pie yesterday.  Our blue berry bushes are in over-drive this year... YAY!  And there's nothing better than pie!

I even had enough to make a mini-pie for the kids.

So lovely and golden... yummy!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Home Again... home again

I've been back in Portland for a week and am just now coming up for air. My freelance clients have been keeping me hopping with last minute questions and needs. Miss E is taking swimming lessons and likes to have me take her in the mornings. My sister and I have been busy updating the Mister Judy site with a few new product items. We are also trying to put together a catalog/look book. We are still one fabric short, so we can't finish and print the darn thing yet. I'm really wanting to spend some time doing something creative but can't seem to find the time between working, kids, house, garden, and other things. I am redoing my inspiration board area in my studio with new magnet boards (we are trying to become a tack/push-pin free household as it is safer on the kids and on my feet). I am also adding new lighting above the board... which resulted in 2 trips to IKEA... including the take-a-number return process.... very, very slow.

On a positive note... my owls returned safely with me.

I do have some lovely pictures to post from a Flea Market that I went to in the middle of July... and my garden is really looking good.. except for the part that I haven't weeded yet. Ah well... a post for another time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back at the University

I'm back on campus for my last week of the summer class that I teach. My office is pretty bleak since I use whatever space is available. And since I'm only here for a week at a time, it really doesn't make sense to drag a bunch of stuff in here... only to pack it up and take it home on Friday.
But the spouse sent me these lovely flowers for my birthday (which is Friday) and to make my office more cheery...

The smaller bouquet I cut from Mom's garden yesterday. The little owls are from an owl downsizing project here at the School of Family and Consumer Sciences. Apparently a former faculty member had quite an owl collection, and it's up for grabs in the kitchen. I passed on it the first time, but was drawn to these little white owls. They are salt and pepper shakers (which I'm not normally fond of), but after some cleaning they are growing on me.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Virtual Shopping Experience

Here are all the photos from Vegas of the shopping....
Las Vegas Store Windows

I do love Las Vegas... so much to see and do.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Back Home to Portland

I have been AWOL from my blog. I have spent the last week and a half in Idaho at my parent's house and at the University of Idaho and in Las Vegas. Last year I started teaching a summer course at the U of I (Adobe Illustrator for Apparel Design). It was received very well, so I was invited back to teach again. I have a bigger class this time, but things seems to be going well. I have some flexibility with the class dates, so I lined it up with our 10 year anniversary.... so we could conveniently leave the kids with my parents and jet off to Las Vegas for a 3 nights.
It was really, really hot... 115 degrees on some days. We had our vows renewed by an Elvis impersonator... which was SWEET!... and made me giggle. He made about $20 a minute... pretty good wages if you can sing and act like The King. And we did a fair amount of shopping... because it was air-conditioned.

Anne Fontaine does the most beautiful shirts...

Chloe had some of their early fall in...

I love the pink tweedy-ness of this jacket.

... and Nanette Lepore was having a sale!

... so in I went and bought a fabulous knit dress.
We flew back to the farm yesterday and drove home today.. 7 and a half hours with neither kid asleep for longer than 20 minutes. I'm beat! I haven't even checked on the status of my garden, but it sort of rained this evening, so I figure I can water tomorrow.