Monday, July 28, 2008

Home Again... home again

I've been back in Portland for a week and am just now coming up for air. My freelance clients have been keeping me hopping with last minute questions and needs. Miss E is taking swimming lessons and likes to have me take her in the mornings. My sister and I have been busy updating the Mister Judy site with a few new product items. We are also trying to put together a catalog/look book. We are still one fabric short, so we can't finish and print the darn thing yet. I'm really wanting to spend some time doing something creative but can't seem to find the time between working, kids, house, garden, and other things. I am redoing my inspiration board area in my studio with new magnet boards (we are trying to become a tack/push-pin free household as it is safer on the kids and on my feet). I am also adding new lighting above the board... which resulted in 2 trips to IKEA... including the take-a-number return process.... very, very slow.

On a positive note... my owls returned safely with me.

I do have some lovely pictures to post from a Flea Market that I went to in the middle of July... and my garden is really looking good.. except for the part that I haven't weeded yet. Ah well... a post for another time.

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