Thursday, April 28, 2011

My poor blog!!!

I didn't realize that it has been a month.... yes, a MONTH since my last post! This is mostly due to the incredible amount of rain in Portland that has prevented us from continuing work on the fence project.
Here is its current status:

Last Saturday was very sunny, so I sped out to IKEA and purchased the chaise lounges before they were sold out. Mister e and I were able to use them for about an hour and then it was back into rain.

I was gone for a week at the University of Idaho helping the students put on their first ever fashion show:
UI Clothing, Textiles, and Design Fashion Show
The students did an amazing job! We are already debriefing and planning for next year. Get your tickets early if you want to come. We sold out this year.

On another note.... the Royal Wedding is tomorrow!!!
Kate Middleton has a lovely sense of style:

I am curious to see her influence on the masses... and to see what her gown looks like, of course.