Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home projects never quite go as planned...

I have made a total of three trips to IKEA to purchase and return lights. I finally have the correct lights to illuminate my board. It started with this...

The magnet boards fit, but they needed their own set of lights.

Then I covered them in some neutral linen-like fabric.

But the additional thickness of the fabric made the boards not quite line up with their screws.  So in the process of trying to reattach them, I pushed the screws through the drywall.  So I had to drag out the power drill, and drill holes, and put in anchors.  I put the last two up today and am happy with the end result.  And glad the whole mess is done.  I really get unhappy when a project goes awry and takes an additional day to complete.

I also treated myself to this beautiful glass vase from IKEA (I visited it every time I was there, so on the last trip, I just went ahead and bought it.)  It is a deep red color which really doesn't show in the picture.  You will notice on the ceiling the tiny little lights that will illuminate the board area.  It's hard to believe that something so small could result in so many trips to a store.

So as a cheer-me-up, I baked some blue berry pie yesterday.  Our blue berry bushes are in over-drive this year... YAY!  And there's nothing better than pie!

I even had enough to make a mini-pie for the kids.

So lovely and golden... yummy!

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PĂ©itseoga said...

i've nearly given up on screws and dry walls. i used to be 'sure i can do that myself' about anything diy, but since we moved into this house with drywalls i've had so many disasters, i now try and keep myself from even attempting to get anything into them! i leave it to my husband... shame on me. except for when i'm impatient, then i attempt it myself, usually ending up with multiple big holes!! even bigger shame on me!!