Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pretty Sparkly Trees

There is nothing like an aluminum christmas tree. They are so sparkly and pretty. And when someone walks by and creates a breeze the little "needles" wiggle and glitter and sparkle. I need to devise a way to have a gentle breeze blowing on ours so they sparkle all the time.

Seasons Gleamings is an excellent resource for inspiring images of metallic trees. I really like this one with the blue background (like our living room walls) and the red balls.

The trees came in colors too- green, blue, aqua, and PINK! The pink ones are rather rare and are always terribly expensive at the vintage shops. Maybe someday I'll get lucky and score one at a garage sale. Speaking of lucky, check out the tree that Mary scored in a dumpster! What a find! I love her ornaments inspired by her son.

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