Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trying to find some color...

in this grey and cold spring.

I do not have any beautiful outdoor pictures, since it has been cloudy, cold, raining, hailing, snowing, sleeting or some combination of the previous. I have always admired Alicia's and Jane's abilities to capture beautiful still lifes. So here is my first attempt:

However, if you click through to Alicia's blog, it is a riot of color due to a weekend trip to the tulip festival. At least spring is happening somewhere.

So onto other color news in my life... here is my latest purchase:

It seems a little bit Hello Kitty sometimes with the purple/pink.

My previous iron died due to a fall on the cement floor. Also it had an auto shut-off time of 8 minutes which was stress inducing to say the least. I would be sewing away at my machine and hear the iron click as it was shutting off. I would have to run over to the iron and tip it a few times to get it to turn back on. This new one has an auto shut-off of 15 minutes which so far seems to work well. Does anyone know of an iron that does not have auto shut-off? or are the manufacturers trying to save us from ourselves again?


Bec Thomas said...

I like the pear, nice comp

3anklebiters said...

i have an older, heavy B&D steam iron that does not have auto shut off, but it does have a cord. it survived the floor, the son using it to melt plastic, the hubby using it to flatten linoleum and years of sewing, crafting and quilting.
i love pears, the light terra cotta color on ripe pears is my kitchen accent color...mmm, home.

mo said...

I have a flat iron for my hair that shuts itself off within a few minutes. A hair flat iron- it doesn't even seem to get that hot! I will be sitting there ironing my hair with no heat for a few minutes before I even notice it has shut itself off again. Argh!

3anklebiters said...

i love the new green and the banner photo is fantastic!