Monday, January 26, 2009

Look at these cool things!

I have been absent from the blog for a bit. My January has been very full so far. My class that I teach at the University of Idaho has started; I've been asked to assist in a presentation in Second Life for the University... which is very fun and exciting and groundbreaking, but requires time; my sister and I are planning our promotion strategy for Mister Judy, since we have A LOT of spring merchandise that will probably not be sold to retailers... and then the usual business with family, freelance, and house.
But for now... check out these cool clothespins that the spouse gave me for Christmas!

For now they are marching around the edge of my Fire-King teacup... I think I will try to frame them in some way... I have never seen anything like these before. It's amazing they survived, as clothespins usually receive a fair amount of wear and tear.

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