Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why does it take me so long to get around to doing things???

So I posted back in the middle of summer that I had put up these linen covered magnet boards.

...which have basically remained linen covered boards with nothing on them for 6 months. I finally got around to making my magnets for them. I wanted to use these clear, thick scrapbooking lens stickers with letters, but my magnets were, of course, magnet color which is black meaning the letters wouldn't show up on the black magnet.

So I painted them all with a couple of coats of a cream colored acrylic.

I let them dry and stuck the stickers on top. Ta da! They look pretty swanky.

I have now filled my magnet boards will all sorts of inspirational images to help me stay focused on sewing some new things for me and revamping my wardrobe a bit. While I am delighted to have beautiful images to look at, I have discovered that I have completely conflicting views of style. I love vintage looks and tailored suits while swooning over goth gowns and heavy eye liner. I'm a sucker for rhinestone jewelry, but also love elaborately detailed coats and jackets that would not require any additional adornment. And I love the look of combat boots and layers of tulle... I don't know why, but I really, really do. I'll post pictures of my dilemma board tomorrow. Either way it still looks better than empty linen.


3anklebiters said...

great magnets.

mo said...

I love the way they turned out. And I think all of those layers juxtaposed on one another is what makes you the fabulous Lori that you are! Tankgirl lives!