Monday, August 23, 2010

The Patio Plan

I've been totally bummed at the lack of summer, but that hasn't stopped me from tackling a few patio related projects which started with this overall plan.

The extra wicker tables in the lower left of the picture went away via Craigslist... so we made some money there which was promptly reinvested into spray paint!

I have managed (5 cans of spray paint later), to whip the wicker settee into shape:

I'm in a robin's egg phase.... again.

We have legs for the table top....

which have been scrubbed and primed. Just waiting for the install, so I can prime the table top and then give the whole thing a couple of coats of blue. I think I'm going to do oil base for this one, since it will be sitting outside for half the year. We will put it inside for the winter and the really wet parts... which is a lot of the year in Portland..., but it will get rained on during the dry-ish parts of the year too.

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