Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally got some sewing done!!

Of course it involved about 3 hours of ironing and mending before I had things cleared off enough to work.

The new dog needed dog beds. The first one didn't turn out quite right, so I'm only posting the large pillow bed. The inner pillow is made up of a shell fabric with a Goretex laminate. So if the dog pees on it, the pee won't soak into the polyfil inside. One of the benefits of working in the athletic industry. I have loads of technical fabrics.

The completed cover has a super soft minky-like brown fabric on top with a red twill bottom. Of course it has a zipper in it, so it is removable and washable.

The recipient seems to approve.

I also managed to finally sew up some shoe bags!

I have purchased a few pairs of shoes that come with super lightweight non-woven tear-if-you-breath-on-it "fabric". I love the idea of shoe bags, but they need to be somewhat durable. They save LOADS of time when packing. You don't have to clean off the soles of your shoes, or pay attention when you are packing them in your suitcase. So I made 6 bags... enough for 3 pairs of shoes.

Now that things are tidier down here, maybe I'll finally get some more clothes done.


call of duty said...

That's really cool. You really take care of your dogs. They're very lucky. Your work looks great and well made too unlike the stuff you buy in the store. I love your blog and the pictures make it even better.


mo said...

I love him! Her? Oh that dog is cute whatever he she is! Congrats on the wonderful addition to your home! Oh, and for the record I wholeheartedly agree with dogs sleeping with you.