Monday, January 09, 2012

More knitting!!

Woo hoo!  Double post today.  I am taking dance classes twice a week and eating more fruit... maybe that's the secret to productivity.  Anyway... here is a project in progress.  I usually don't post many knitting projects partway done, because they sometimes stay that way for many years.  But this one is a fast project.  The red had in the picture belongs to Miss E's grandfather.  She brought it home and announced that she wants one just like it, but with a pompom on top.  I rummage through my stash and found this beige yarn that is almost the same size as the red yarn.  You can read more about the yarn specifics here.

I knit a little bit every night, and since I'm using size 8 circular needles... it's a fast one.  Hopefully it won't become a UFO... I have enough of those that need to be frogged and repurposed.

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