Thursday, April 19, 2012

Behold!.... the dial-a-stitch!

This was our thrift store find of the week for $20!!!  It is very heavy... a tank of a machine.  Everything works well and is fairly quiet when it sews.  It has a VAST array of stitches.  I will need to go through each one and play with it.

Automatic button hole system too!

There is a bobbin winder on the side.

We have not found much information on the web yet regarding this machine.  But I do know that it is a Japanese machine and is considered very good.

I took the top off for some cleaning and oiling, but everything inside was spotless!  The workings and screws looked brand new.  There are some chips in the finish on the base of the machine indicating that there was some use, but I don't think the previous owner used any of the fancy stitches or the buttonhole system.  It has 3 feed dog settings: embroidery (completely lowered), silk (barely peeking through the throat plate), and all the way up.  I'm really excited about the silk/delicate fabric setting.  My trusty Bernina Sport has either up or down, and if I'm sewing on really lightweight silk there are feed dog tracks.
The dial-o-stitch is primarily for the spouse's stitching of paper art book/zines, but I think there will be some use from me as well.
I also have a Singer Slant-o-Matic that we found last fall with every attachment you can possibly imagine.  It is currently at Montavilla getting a tune up.  LOVE the people there!   I will post pictures of that one once it is back.
I'm seeing a trend here in sewing machine names.

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Anonymous said...

my in laws have one exactly like this that my wife wants but we are trying to find a manual or some kind of service or instructions on it if you happen to find anyone of that email me at thank you very much