Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Woodland Creations

Before Christmas we discovered the Woodland Knits book by Stephanie Dosen.  Both E and I fell in love with the hat on the cover.

... and wouldn't you know it!  I had all the yarn on hand for this project!  I would not call this project a stash buster as you need very little yarn for the antlers and the interior of the ears.  You only need one skein for the hat and ears.  I used some free yarn that came with a Knit Rowan subscription.  It is a beautifully soft wool that has now all been knitted up.

I am also loving this Dragon Watcher's Hood too!  It is cozy but not hair smashing.  

I need something like this when I am walking across campus in the winter.  This last December was very cold.  I would get my hair, make-up and self all fixed up only to put a hat on and trudge across the cold, wintery landscape with eyes watering to arrive at my building looking no better than I did when I rolled out of bed.  I think this hood could change everything!  Will get back to you on that.

On a further note, my eyelashes have grown back!... mostly.  

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