Friday, October 21, 2005

Back from vacation and trip to the farm

I haven't touched my blog in 3 weeks! I feel so neglectful. We were gone to Chicago and Michiana (northern Indiana/southern Michigan) for 10 days, and then Elsie and I went to Idaho to visit my parents on their farm for another 5 days. Hillary at Wee Wonderfulsgave me some wonderful advice for a place to stay and do some antiquing- St. Charles. Which is my new favorite city in Illinois. Such a cute town and 45 minutes from O'Hare! Thanks Hillary!
I have greatly expanded my 40's tablecloth collection as well as other treasures. We did quite well in Elkhart, Indiana and Schoolcraft, Michigan. Of course, estate sales and thrift stores always have the best deals over antique malls, but it is still fun to look. I'll try to post photos tomorrow.
At the farm we made 20 gallons of apple cider. Every fall my family and family friends get together to grind apples into pulp and squish them into cider. Very yummy! But drinking too much can keep you in bathroom for extended periods of time... if you know what I mean. The spouse will be turning 5 gallons of the cider into apple wine. Always a fun project. Last year's apple wine is quite strong with alcohol, but has a wonderful apple-y smell.

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hillary said...

oh good! glad you enjoyed yourself. St. Charles is really cute. it has more of a small town feel than suburb feel for sure.