Thursday, November 24, 2005

Christmas is Calling

I'm so anxious to start decorating for Christmas. I just love this time of year. It's cold outsite and supposed to start snowing at 1000 feet in the next few days. One of our neighbors put his Christmas lights up two weeks ago!... but I have to be patient and finish my projects for Mister Judy. If I get distracted, I won't finish my aprons. I also have another tentative Patache Trunk Show on Dec 10 and 11. My friend Erica at Garnish Apparel is letting me share some space with her. I didn't sell any of my felted hats at the last sale, so I thought I would try another Trunk Show venue. I don't think I had the right clientelle at the last show. The last show was more about gift type items... which has me thinking about other interesting products to add to the Patache line for the next holiday season.
On a positive note, I've almost finished my Christmas shopping. I have become rather over-organized and started an Excel spreadsheet 4 years ago. All the gift recipients are listed in one column, and their respective gifts are listed under a separate column for each year. That way during the year, if I come up with a gift idea, I just add it to the spreadsheet. Then in October when I open the file to start my shopping, I have all sorts of ideas ready to go. It's a huge time saver and gives me a consistent place to store ideas... rather than my over-abundent sticky note situation... and then the sticky goes away, they fall on the floor, or Elsie turns them into art... you get the idea.
Back to the Christmas thoughts, here is a picture from last year of our three glorious aluminum trees.... and Miss Elsie.... who no longer fits in those pyjamas... they grow up so quickly.

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my house is cuter than yours said...

ohh! I love that you put up 3 aluminum trees together, like a forest!
Did you happen to see my post about the Aluminum Christmas Tree Museum I went to? You would love it!