Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Recovering from colds

We (Elsie and I) have had colds. She, like most kids, is recovering at a much more accelerated rate than I am. My rate of recovery has been greatly slowed by lack of sleep. The Little Man is now snacking twice at night instead of sleeping through which he had been doing three weeks ago. This morning, after another restless night, Elsie greeted me by the side of my bed with a hacking cough at 7:15am. "Hi, Mom. It's time to go downstairs." Then she walked over to Ewan and made sure he was awake too. I sent her downstairs and said I would be there soon and tried to doze off a bit. When I did manage to make it downstairs, I was confronted with this....

One entire roll of toilet paper transformed into a Ghost Fireplace. She was using her "IMAGINATION" (saying while making the shape of a rainbow with her hands). Thank you, SpongeBob. Oh well, it's better than getting into something sticky or messy that requires water and cleaning products to remove. It has remained up the entire day. We have just not used this doorway in order to preserve the fireplace.

The good news is that the stair construction crew were here today and the stairs are almost finished. YAY! Only one more day of sawdust generating mess, and it will be over. I sent them outside for the majority of their cutting, but I forgot about the sanding. At least they vaccuumed everything before they left tonight.


mo said...

That is just cute! I love the ghost fireplace. We are chez croupy cough though things are looking up. Work is kicking my ass and I really want to get the kids mice I am knitting finished for Valentines Day! Ah, the plight of the modern woman!

Strikkelise said...

Feeding at night.. Ugh. Those were the days. And I found a boy is much more hungry than a girl (at least mine was).
The fireplace is very sweet. And you're sweet, too, for letting it stay so long :)