Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A little Cinderella for my little niece

My niece turned 3 on Sunday. I had purchased her a board game among her gifts. However, when I consulted with my sister, that very same board game was already owned by her brother. So onto Last Minute Plan B... I asked my sister if there was anything else she wanted. The little niece needed some dress up clothes, but not tutus and sparkly things. She really needed a Cinderella outfit.
I rummaged through my extensive stash of fabric and managed to locate a piece of blue satin about 3 yards long and only 20" wide. After a morning of elaborate cutting, seaming and "I'll make it work", I produced this 24 hours later....

There was no piece of satin left that was over 6" wide. The skirt is extremely full, so if she wears one of her tutus under it, the effect should be most Cinderella-like.
During the entire construction process, Miss E kept asking if it was for her. (Miss E announced last year that she will be Cinderella for this Halloween.) And when she found out that it wasn't, she requested one "exactly like this one". "It needs to be the exact same fabric", and then "when are you going to make mine? today too?". Thankfully Halloween is a few months off, but I need to start shopping for some blue satin soon.

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3anklebiters said...

What a fabulous princess dress!