Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Yard Sale and the Antique Expo

We had a yard sale two weeks ago with the neighbors. We sold some things but not enough of the bulky, awkward to store items. BUT I scored this AWESOME fabric from our neighbor...

$3.00 for the whole 25 yard bolt!!! I'm going to make some pillows for the wicker set and some chair pads for the table chairs.

Then we took all the money we made and went to the giant Antique Expo at the expo center. You see the most interesting stuff there. Who doesn't need a giant rooster?

... or an oversize camera?

This horse brings back memories. We had a similar one when I was a kid.

I love these beaded bags. They were so hot a few years ago and the price went through the ceiling. Now the prices are coming down and they are relatively easy to find.

And this lovely hand made yet overprice horse...

We spent all the money from the yard sale at the expo. I'll have to post those goodies soon.

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3anklebiters said...

It may seem crazy, but I feel I NEED a giant rooster. :) What a great shopping event!