Thursday, September 20, 2007

Estate Sale Goodies

I love a good estate sale, and there was a packed one about 6 blocks from our house. AND it had reasonable prices on EVERYTHING! Here are some of the highlights!

This lovely wastebasket for Miss E's room...

These refrigerator dishes with lids. I love to use these in my studio for holding things.

A couple of mid-50's issues of Redbook...

A pink chenille bedspread with silver "yarns" woven through it.

All the stains came out, so it was installed immediately on Miss E's bed... who is thrilled to have more pink in her room.

This is a double sided baby blanket...

It looked like they had dusted the house with it, but after a few trips through the washing machine, everything came out and it is soft and beautiful. So Mister e gets a little something too.

We went back two more times for other goodies. There was so much stuff! It was hard not to just back the car up and start loading!

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