Saturday, September 08, 2007

Squirrel 911

This little guy fell out of his tree early this morning...

Apparently the spouse and offspring heard some peeping this morning, and he was mis-identified as a bird. Around lunch time, we heard the peeping again, and I went out to take a look and found this little guy on the patio under the cedar tree- tired and dehydrated. We brought him in, gave him 1/2 cc of water, and warmed him up on a heating pad. He rested for a bit while I made a call to the Audubon Society and checked the web for some squirrel tips. Since he is a red squirrel and non-native he is not eligible for rehab. We were advised to put him in a box in the tree from which he fell and hope the mother squirrel comes back for him. So we installed a box in the tree, gave him 1cc of water, and I tucked him in my shirt and climbed up the ladder. When he was in my shirt, he burrowed in and got all comfy... boy those nails are sharp! He peeped a bit when I put him in the box. We will check in the morning. If he is still in the box, then we will finish raising him and release him when he is older. We are estimating that he is 6 weeks old and still nursing.

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