Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Wreath

Here is a slightly dark picture of the finished wreath.

I'm still working out the exposure and the ISO settings (which I just recently discovered) to try and get good pictures in low light. If I turn on the overhead lights or use the flash, you loose the glowing color. On the mantle, you can see the spouse's collection of plastic figures. They are the kind that you put a small light inside and they glow. The santa on the left is really glowing... to the point where you cannot see santa, but more of a santa outline. You can get an idea of the style by looking at the non-glowing figures on the right.

And speaking of finishing projects, here is Miss E's art space in the basement.

We scored the table two years ago at the giant Laurelhurst Yard Sale for $10!!!! It is solid oak and heavy as all get out. The iMac is an ancient computer that we bought almost 10 years ago. It has been upgraded as far as it can and no longer performs for us, but is perfect for some educational software for E... and she is thrilled to have her own computer.. and I am thrilled to not have her asking to use mine every ten minutes. She received boxes of art supplies for Christmas, so we made a quick trip to IKEA and purchased some storage containers to keep everything tidy. We also bought the chair for $19.00 which adjusts to adult height as well as kid height... so it will grow with her. When we did the basement, we put up lighting tracks around the perimeter and bought these two pendant lights as a test. We didn't know where to put them and they have been gathering dust in the shop for the past 6 months. They work perfectly over her work space.

Another project done! Whew!

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