Friday, March 28, 2008

Quiet Chaos

The blog has been quiet once again while my sister and I have been working on Mister Judy. She and her family are in town this week for spring break, and we have been sewing away on samples... until the serger started to seriously malfunction. And as I was adjusting the tension dial, it came off in my hand and the back part fell into the machine. Since it was, of course, 8:30pm at night and everything was closed, we took the serger apart.

We found the piece and reassembled.

Only to have the same thing happen again 5 minutes later.

And of course I need this thing to work, so we can get these samples sewn! So today we are taking it into the shop and hopefully they can fix it on the spot... otherwise I may be coming home with a new serger.

On another note, we have been leaving the spouses unattended with the children and the house. They made a discovery in the kitchen while cooking dinner and are attempting to sell the item on eBay. So far no luck.

1 comment:

3anklebiters said...

The ebay posting is hilarious. There are obviously too many wild imaginations under your roof right now. Good luck with the serger. I have one you could borrow.