Saturday, March 01, 2008

Yay! Loobylu is back!

Loobylu aka Claire Robertson is back after taking an entire year off from blogging! Her things are so inspiring, and she is such a talented artist. And since she's in Australia, I can get my summer fix looking at her photos... while I'm waiting for spring to arrive here. She's doing some darling embroideries. As does Miss Hillary over at Wee Wonderfuls. Check out her Stitchette's in her shop. Maybe I will get moving on embroidery some day soon. I have a good size stash of vintage embroidery transfers.
In the meantime, here is some general gorgeousness from my spouse for Leap Year.

I always get flowers for Leap Year... luckily, he does give me flowers at other times... otherwise it would be a long wait between bouquets.

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Ilena said...

How spoiled are you! Very lovley. Hey I posted. TTFN Ilena