Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ready for some serious inspiration...

So my friend Mo and I are going to Quilt Market this Friday. Once every four or five years it comes to Portland... and THIS year is it!!! We are so excited. Here are some tid-bits from Joel Dewberry's site.

And how luscious are these from Portobello Pixie

We are so excited, I think we are going pop!!! How ever will we make it to Friday???


mo said...

I am going to pop! Someone emailed me today that it is like quilter's porn! I had to laugh.

3anklebiters said...

i wish i could go. my friend Virginia will be there with a booth, she sounds just as excited as you.
have a great time!

PĂ©itseoga said...

the green and fuchsia combo is divine!