Thursday, April 01, 2010

Trip to the Zoo and Outfit Updates

Spring Break was last week. The spouse had surgery on Monday and was home Tuesday to work on recovering which meant that I needed to keep the offspring out of his hair. So I took the pair to the zoo for a few hours one morning. We found a lovely rainbow inside the polar bear exhibit.

These two made me take a picture of them every 15 minutes.

Then it was on to some sewing earlier this week. The blouse that I made for Elsie's Eloise outfit was made in a hurry and therefore did not have a center front opening.. meaning that it was a bit of a tight fit. So we sliced up the front and added some multi-colored buttons... courtesy of Anthropologie's holiday wrapping from 2008.

Working on writing with my stylus... I keep telling myself that the letters will get smoother and more like my writing with a pen if I keep doing it.

I also had to do something about the length of her denim skirt... it was approaching Lolita shortness in the back. Luckily she loves eyelet and I happen to have about 10 yards... so we added a flounce and brought a little modesty back.

Then they both made me take their picture.

Today I am sewing a silver leotard for baton twirling... a request from Miss E.

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3anklebiters said...

if you're not careful you may get a clothing request or two from my house! they are adorable as always.