Monday, August 01, 2011

Fabric Goodies and Backyard Progress

A few weeks ago, I scored these two pieces of vintage fabric at the Portland Antique Expo:

They are each 4 yards in length... very narrow, less than 36"wide and never been used. The brown one has a fade line down the middle, but I think I can cut around it. The print quality is very high and they feel super soft after I washed them.

I am please to report that I no longer have a motorcycle parked on my patio! The screen behind the fireplace is also finished.

We still need to seal the screen, but the weather hasn't been really reliable. The white column propped against the fire place will go into the flower bed behind the wicker settee and will someday have a fabulous birdhouse perched on top.

And!!! the table has legs!!!

I sanded, primed and put on the first coat of paint today. Tomorrow I'll add the second coat and take pictures. It's been three years coming on this table, and I'm in the home stretch. I will post more pics on the cozy patio once the table is in place.

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