Wednesday, January 09, 2013

December Recap

The blog has been quiet, but now that January is here and kids are back in school hopefully I can settle into a schedule again.  I need to do some creative things and post some of the things that I made over the summer.  We also have some house projects in process too.  LONG overdue things which involve cleaning out closets and cupboards (Yay!) and painting!

To recap the last bit of December:

We had snow!
Unfortunately... it didn't stick, but was pretty as it fell.

 Dog biscuits for the dog and peanut butter/chocolate brownies for Santa.   The brownies have a stick and a half of butter in them.  Awesomely good... but awesomely bad for the body.  Definitely a once-a-year treat.

My dear friend Stacey bought a bottle of Prosecco the last time we were together before she left for Germany.  Now I am hooked and have been enjoying it over the holidays.  Goes well with potato chips too!  Definitely a more than once-a-year treat... sometimes a once-a-week treat... if not daily.

The Portland institute to doughnuts- VooDoo Doughnut.  I LOVE their boxes!

There were more doughnuts in here, but there is only a maple bacon bar (my favorite) and a voodoo doll (with cherry filling and a pretzel stick for stabbing) left.  Definitely a more than once-a-year treat, but not too often.

I enjoyed a couple of days of jury duty over the two days following Christmas.  The second day was beautiful downtown, so I snapped a couple of pictures.  This is a Michael Graves Memphis-style building.  Oddly weird but interesting.  You can learn more about Memphis Design here.

The elk statue all dressed for the holidays.

We don't have many clear, sunny days in Portland, but when we do they are beautiful.

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