Saturday, January 26, 2013

Upstairs Repaint-Recarpet-Cleaning Extravaganza

After jury duty I was seized with the overwhelming desire to get going on painting projects.  So I came  home and opened a can of paint and forced my family to assist.

Our original bedroom color is similar to the color of computers in the 90's sort of a UV tainted plastic putty.  It is not an attractive color at all.  And to make things worse, I spent several days selecting this color the first time we painted our bedroom 12 years ago.  I wanted to bedroom to be a sanctuary with a little boudoir thrown in and the putty wasn't cutting it.  Also it didn't really show off the color of the wood furniture.

The warm putty color and the previous closet situation.
Choosing the right dusky lavender orchid amongst
the piles of stuff.
At about this point, I decided that we weren't under enough pressure to finish, so we ordered carpet and scheduled a install date a couple of weeks out.  That would allow us to focus more acutely on painting Ewan's room, the hallway, and the stairs.  Nothing like a deadline to get things done!
In progress

We decided to change the center alcove into a double hung closet space and move the high boy dresser into one of the closets.  The high boy was originally in a location in the room that allowed for frequent banging of elbows, shoulders and heads (depending on the growth spurt).  Needless to say, the family is much happier with the new location and enjoying fewer bruises.

The closet fully loaded.  I did clean and reduce,
but I am nuts about vintage clothing
so can't reduce the closet contents by much.
The other direction
I will post more pictures with it cleaned up and decorated.  We also have some of the new carpet installed!!  The old carpet came with the house 17 years ago.  It was old, felted, and not comfortable.  The new carpet is posh and makes the upstairs very quiet.

On a completely unrelated note, I discovered my son "gaming the system" while playing Wii Fit.  He figured out a way to hold completely still for the meditation game.

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