Friday, March 01, 2013

Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm

On Wednesday night we saw Wil Wheaton and Paul and Storm live at the Alberta Rose Theater.  They were hilarious!! It was the epitome of geek culture with obscure sci-fi references flying through the house.  Reverse the polarity anyone?  I have been a fan of Wil's Table Top show on Geek and Sundry not only because the banter among the players will make you laugh until you cry, but some of the games are amazing.  I still want to buy Dixit.  Beautiful illustrations from a French board game company.
Anyway.... here is Paul and Storm's best 36 seconds on the internet from Wednesday night.  I'll bet you will watch it at least 5 times today.

I have torn my studio up in an attempt to purge, reorganize, and create more breathing room to increase the flow.  It is still a mess.

There is a slight funnel effect the closer you get to the computer.  The biggest flow issue is the ironing board.  It is not only in the way, but blocks one of my cabinets.  When I planned the layout of the studio, I did not think about the ironing board which is up most of the time... especially when I am sewing.

I am still rearranging and cleaning, but I'm getting closer.  Will post more as the progress ensues.

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