Tuesday, April 02, 2013

There has been some traveling going on....

I was in Florence, Italy, a couple of weeks ago.  Hence the lack of posting and activity in here.

The shopping is always wonderful there with the major Italian and French fashion houses lining Via de Tornabuoni.

Casa de Tessuti
Tailoring display

Accessories at Hermes

Arno River

Many of the churches are covered inside with mosaics, carvings, and frescoes.  Others are very plain.  These were taken in Santa Croce which is my favorite church in Florence.  The lines to get into the Duomo are long.  Brunelleschi's dome is amazing, but it is usually a long wait.  Since I had already been in the Duomo, I spent my time in other places... with shorter lines.

The pink building at the top of this picture houses the Villa Bardini.  In this museum is the Capucci Collection.... just amazing!

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