Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Slow and Steady

There has been some delay in the dress project due to the end of the semester.  I had a couple of finals to take and grading to do for the course that I teach.  But now I am back on track.

Since the floral fabric is too sheer to use for self fabric facings, I decide to line the bodice with white batiste and interface the facing area using fusible interfacing.  I did add a row of stitching to the edge of the interfacing that is not in the neck opening seam.

Back with interfacing fused

I have pinned in the sleeves on the dress form (true pin basting because I am too lazy to actually hand baste them in because I know they are too full) and have discovered a lot of poof.

The pattern shows a very flat and smooth sleeve cap, so I will be reducing the cap a bit.  That is the project for this evening.

Here is a view of the left front (as worn) with the placket turned back.  It is a little blurry, but you can see the neck opening clean finishing and possibly see the lining disappearing behind the turn under for the placket.  The lining stops at the fold that creates the placket to reduce the bulk.  I also added interfacing to the lining that will be inside the placket area.  I am skipping the separate placket entirely.  The pattern was cut for it, but I think some of the center front needs to be cut away to attach it.  And I don't think the voile will work well with an applied placket.  You can see all the seam allowances through the fabric.

I will leave the sleeves unlined, so the lining ends at the arm hole.  Easy lining.

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