Monday, January 09, 2006

Have we made any progress?

We worked like beavers in the basement this weekend. We hauled an entire car load of stuff to the free plastics recycling event on Saturday and then took two piles of odds and ends to Goodwill. Does it look like we've made any progress?

I also put a couple things on Ebay and have some unusual items that I have no idea what to do with:
the elk antlers...

.... apparently I cannot legally sell them, since we do not have an elk tag. We don't even know who shot the animal in the first place, since we are about the third owner. If anyone in Portland, OR wants these and is willing to drive to my house to pick them up, they are yours. Leave me your info in the comments.

the tea box....

... would make in interesting end table, but we no longer have room for it. I think we will put it out on Craigslist.

Hopefully the next time I post on the basement, there will be some obvious progress. Like new electrical wires or greatly improved plumbing! It's very strange the things that make you excited when you are a home owner....

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