Thursday, February 02, 2006

Taking a breather...

My parent's left this morning after a wonderful six day visit. We worked on some projects (no we did not get the bathroom cabinet up, but it's really close) and had a great zoo outing yesterday. The polar bears at the Oregon Zoo here in Portland, put on the most spectacular show swimming and playing with their various toys. We probably watched them for a half and hour. Elsie did not want to leave them... they were her friends.
Today Elsie is spending the entire day at Pre-School. This was a special request by her. About two weeks ago, she discovered that the kids sleep on little blue cots for nap time. Elsie has been cot-obsessed ever since her grandparents bought her one to use at the farm. The fact that her pre-school had them too was almost too much for her little system. All we heard about for days were the cots at school. So today, she took a pillow and blanket and sleeping buddy to try out the cots. She will be there from 8:30am until 6pm, but I don't think I can make it that long and will probably pick her up at 5pm. I hope all goes well. Today was also pyjama day at Pre-school.... which I forgot about and dressed Elsie in a tiered skirt and embroidered cardigan. She looked at me with big sad eyes wondering why she wasn't wearing her pyjamas like EVERYBODY else at school. I had a severe Bad Mommy moment. So I ran back home, frantically found the pink poodle flannel pyjamas and little sheep slippers and drove back to Pre-School. Her teacher was going to help her change her clothes.
So for now, I'm trying to solve a last-minute factory issue for the Mister Judy product and then I'm going to take a break. The basement will have to wait until tomorrow.

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