Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rainy Day

It's a rainy and cool fall day here in Portland. A good day to work on projects indoors. I did go outside to take a few pictures of my fading flowers and to cut some roses that were in bud.

However, when I went to my rose garden someone had already yanked off the three buds that I was saving! I wouldn't have minded if they took one, but ALL THREE! We've been wanting to move the roses to the front of the house to prevent such flower thievery. I need to make that a priority next year. I grow them to enjoy inside in large bouquets, so the whole house smells of roses. Maybe it's time to prune them all back and switch to arrangements of greenery inside.

On the project side of things, Elsie has requested a Dorothy costume for Halloween. We've been working on it a little each day and it is coming together really well. We picked up the shoes yesterday.

Elsie also outfitted Tinkerbell to match.

Her creative side is already blossoming. Notice the copious use of pins.


mo said...

That is really sweet- the Dorothy costume. Thieving of roses is not sweet! That is just sad!

deb said...

How sweet - I love it when little girls go as Dorothy. :) My niece went a few years ago and was adorable. Tell Elsie I love her Tinkerbell! :)