Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

We did our annual pumpkin hacking and cutting last night and created this motley crew of orbs...

The littlest one is the spouse's creation for baby Ewan. It's actually a spaghetti squash rather than a pumpkin.
Unfortunately I received a call from preschool this morning and Miss Elsie had thrown up. Both Ewan and I were still in our pyjamas, so I hurried and got us both dressed and ran out to the van only to discover that is was covered in frost and apparently there was no ice scraper in it. Eventualy it thawed out and we picked up Elsie. She is extremely disappointed (to tears) that she may miss trick or treating tonight. So far she has not thrown up again and has kept down some dry cheerios and juice. Maybe it was just a morning upset stomach or something... I hope. It she can't go out this evening, she will be a wreck everytime the doorbell rings and some little goblin shouts "Trick or Treat".
On a more positive note, the basement is now completely insulated thanks to my spouse... who was down there until after 11pm last night. Our drywaller, Irwin, is supposed to come tomorrow between 8am and 8:30am to start hanging. I will get excited when I hear some pounding and banging in the basement. Somedays it's hard to get the help to show up... or call. I've been painting away in Elsie's new room. Two walls are done and two to go. It is still full of furniture that will move to the basement soon. Then we have to empty this huge closet before we can paint the floor.
There is light at the end of the tunnel!... and it has Christmas written all over it!... and a finished basement too.

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