Thursday, November 02, 2006

The holidays have officially started!

My friend, Mo, and I have been eagerly awaiting the coming holiday season. We are both nuts about Christmas. It is our favorite holiday. She has already started with a new ornament. The tiniest, sweetest little acorn.
I'm holding off until the dust settles here. The drywallers started yesterday in the basement and were done hanging by noon. Now the house is covered in drifts of dust... sort of looks like it has snowed in here. They are supposed to mud and tape today. I'll post pictures soon.
My sister and I have been working frantically on our Mister Judy product. We have a trunk show in Boise on Saturday. The kids and I are flying over tomorrow. Fortunately my wonderful parents are coming to help manage our collective four kids, while my sister and I work the show. I still have aprons to make and need to pack.... and those drywallers still haven't showed up yet!

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mo said...

Yay holidays!!
Can I just say I am freaking out over the wonter dress?!! They don't come big enough for my amazon do they? They are perfect! I made another ornament today and did a tutorial on the blog. I just cant help myself!