Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bond is back!

I am a HUGE James Bond fan... as is most of my family (Mom is not as big a fan as the rest of us). I married a Bond addict, as did my sister. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas Spike TV has a full week of Bond films- The James Bond-a-thon. Last Christmas at my parent's farm, all of us spent 5 evenings (and some afternoons) in front of the TV watching movie after movie while my brother-in-law mixed the drinks. This week is Thanksgiving and the whole family is congregating at the farm for food and James Bond. The drink this time is the Chocolate Martini. We can hardly wait!
So the spouse and I were REALLY wanting to see the new Bond film with Daniel Craig Casino Royale. My wonderfully amazing friend Lynne offered to watch both kids, so we could have a date. We just got back from watching the movie, and it is every bit as good as I had hoped! Daniel Craig is a tough Bond.... no goofy, unbelievable Roger Moore stuff. He has a rockin' bod to boot. You get to see him pretty much naked... actually totally naked from the side. He is a fine man! And Judi Dench as M again... she is so icy and tough. I would recommend it to any James Bond enthusiast. You will not be disappointed. And the stunts are more believable, not so crazy-over-the-top. The free running chase at the beginning is awesome.... I've got to come down off this high and get to bed.

Yes, I am a geek, and I'm totally fine with that.

ps- the theme song by Chris Cornell also does the film justice... in the great tradition of Bond songs like "Live and Let Die"

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