Friday, November 10, 2006

Ahhhh!!! Uwajimaya!!!

Yesterday I took both of my lovely offspring to one of my favorite stores Uwajimaya. My reason for going was to buy a copy of the Country Craft magazine that Hillary had posted awhile ago and a bottle of fish sauce... which is necessary for most Asian cooking as well as a short list of other grocery items. The bookstore there is amazing! However, about 5 minutes into my search, Mister Ewan fired up and started fussing and then whimpering. Elsie declared over and over that she needed to buy a kids book and kept wandering off. After another 10 minutes both kids were making enough noise that I couldn't think and people were starting to give me interesting gazes. So I grabbed 4 publications that sort of had what I wanted and headed to the check out. By this time Ewan is crying. Not a soft baby cry, but a loud, robust, annoying bellow. I threw my books in the cart, put Ewan's car seat on top, and told Elsie not to touch ANYTHING and grocery shopped as fast as I could. By the time we made it to the fish sauce aisle, Ewan was a lovely shade of crimson and tears were coming out of his eyes. Most ladies were sympathetic and said that it was the man in him that didn't want to shop. Some other ladies were now glaring at me in that "you are a bad mommy" way. Elsie was now wanting anything in bright, colorful packaing which is every item in an Asian grocery store. She is a sucker for Asian packaging just like her Mom. I grabbed what I thought was fish sauce ran through the frozen food aisle and the produce section... more glaring... and then to the check out. Just as a swiped my credit card, Ewan stopped crying and looked as sweet and angelic as ever. Elsie had pulled herself together too and was not trying to grab everything in sight and instead was commenting on the nice dragon overhead. At this point, I have started to sweat and my ears are ringing. I even fed Ewan in the car before heading in... is there something wrong with my breast milk? Like it burns like battery acid instead of being filling and soothing? I wonder sometimes. When the spouse went to cook dinner last night, we discovered that I had purchased a very large bottle of oyster sauce rather than fish sauce.
Oh well... at least I bought some great magazines....

This last one is an Aranzi Aronzo book and is nothing but softies. If you have never been to their website, you will have a hard time leaving without buying anything... AND they have fabric too!

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mo said...

Next time, leave Elsie with us! I am so envious of your cotton time- I may have to get over and get one for me!