Thursday, November 09, 2006

Quick post...

Just a quick post this morning.... the cats (we have three of them) are not dealing well with the basement construction and strange people banging about. They are started wetting on any pile of fabric/rug/towel that is laying on the floor. So I spent yesterday washing rugs and other things, only to find more stuff to clean this morning. We have had to banish them from the upstairs until this problem passes. The arrival of the new baby could also have something to do with it too. Although the two male cats are waaaaaaay more tolerant of Mr. Ewan than they ever were of Miss Elsie. They wouldn't even be on the same floor of the house as Elsie. This time around they will be in the bed with Ewan while he's crying and screaming away. The Three Felines also left some other presents this morning in the form of cat yak and some pooty here and there. So after scrubbing the floor, throwing in a load of wash, washing one cat's hind quarters, AND cleaning litter boxes, the house is clean once again. I really hope this ends after this week. The drywall gets it's last coat of mud tomorrow and then will need a light sanding and then it's done!

On the baby side of things... here is a short list of things that I had totally forgotten about new babies...
-how many diapers they use
-how tiny their little toes are
-how they can fall asleep with total noise and chaos, yet fight sleep when it is quiet and dark
-snuggling under Mommy's chin and wrapping one arm around your neck
-how much noise they make when they sleep
-how amazing that first smile is

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