Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The snow is still here!

It is still beautiful and white here this morning. The temperature is a little warmer than yesterday which makes it nicer outside.

Elsie was so excited and couldn't get outside fast enough, but had some wardrobe difficulties. What is it with 4 year-olds and getting dressed!?!? We had all of her clothes, socks, hat, gloves, scarf and coat located and in the kitchen. I told her to change into her clothes and we would go outside. "Yay!" she squealed. Next time I see her, she's running through the house in her pyjamas with her hat, scarf, and gloves. "No, you have to put on the clothes and the coat. The gloves go on last." Next time I see her, she's streaking through the house in just her underware. Which, to me, seems just the opposite of where this project should be heading.

Eventually we get the clothes on, but she insists on putting the gloves on BEFORE the coat, hat, boots, and scarf... which means she can no longer use her fingers to put on and zip which causes great distress to the Elsie not to mention the mother as well.

Finally after several arguements and undressing and re-dressing of parts, we are dressed, organized, have Ewan in his down bundle bag and loaded into the pack and off we go!
Elsie took this picture of Ewan and myself...

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