Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yay! Snow!

It rarely snows in Portland... or snows long enough to make everything white... but it did last night.

... and it is still snowing! We could hardly get everyone bundled up fast enough to suit Elsie. I think she would have run out in her bare feet.

I was practicing with my digital camera over the weekend. I took this picture which I like except for the shadow across their eyes...

They sort of look like two masked super heroes. I'm getting better with adjusting my shutter speed, now I just need to be more aware of shadows and light.

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Strikkelise said...

Hello Elsie and Ewan! Here's looking at you.
Hope you are very well in America!
We are looking forward to sending you a package and getting one, too.
Hugs 'Princess' and 'Junior' and Strikkelise in Norway!