Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby Owl

I was at the farm a couple of weeks ago and this little guy (and his brother) were hanging out. The mother had been living in the backyard all fall and winter. She took over an old magpie nest and had two little (relatively speaking) ones this spring. This one had fewer flying skills and liked to nap in the sun... so I took the opportunity to take some up close and personal pics.

He is a Great Horned Owl (no "horns" or ear tufts yet) and he does have talons.

Oh... and I finally uploaded some new picture to Flickr so have updated my badge which has been showing the same images for almost a year now.

And even better news, I have new allergy medicines that work, so I am able to spend some time in my garden. Stay tuned for some rose pictures! The bad news is that I am allergic to everything on the allergy scratch/prick test. It is never good when the allergist comes in and looks at your results and says "Oh my!". Needless to say... they stopped the test about 5 minutes into it rather than making me wait the full 20 minutes. The new medications are working for now, and hopefully I will be starting allergy shots soon. I am just happy to be in my garden again.

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3anklebiters said...

good news on the allergy front. hopefully they are working out. the owl photos are great, hopefully they stick around the farm.