Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Do I really need another project?.....

....Yes, I do!
This past winter a local cat decided to mark our mud porch screen door as his personal territory. Our three cats decided to return the favor by marking the inside carpet. After cleaning repeatedly with a carpet cleaner, using pet odor neutralizer, and Febreeze, we cannot get the smell out. To top it off the spouse purchased a different formula of cat litter last week that for some reason smells fruity. So we have fruit and cat urine wafting into the house occasionally. Not pleasant!

So yesterday, I ripped out the floor coverings. The first layer was indoor-outdoor carpeting. The second layer was a mid-seventies vinyl that came apart in pieces like construction paper. The third layer (which was over the wood floor) is real linoleum. Our house was built in 1921 and the linoleum is of that vintage. Unfortunately it was completely unsalvagable due to the mass amount of glue used to hold down the aforementioned vinyl. So now it looks like this:

I was delighted to see the wood floor in good shape... no holes or anything rotten. We are planning on painting a good coat of Killz over it (too seal in any remaining stinky stuff) and then paint it grey for low maintenance. However in the process of scraping off the remaining residue this morning, I wore off some of the skin on the palm of my hand. Took me awhile to realize that that was why my hand was burning inside my gloves... a little slow sometimes. So I have one corner left and the spouse has agreed to help finish it tonight when he comes home...

It already smells so much better!!!! The new paint will perk up that space, and I've cleaned off my grow light shelves, so as soon as everything is put back out there, I can start moving my plants and seedings out. Spring has sprung!

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mo said...

wow, Fruity cat pee is enough tomake a girl morning sick WITHOUT being pregnant! Its going to look great!