Monday, March 13, 2006

Recovering from the weekend

I have just returned from a wonderful 3 night ski trip to Mt. Bachelor with my best friend. Neither of us have skied in 5 years, so we were taking it slow and enjoying ourselves. We spent the nights at the Seventh Mountain Resort which was wonderful. We took advantage of the fireplace and the bathtub. What a luxury to have a long soak without the interruptions of a toddler or husband! We also treated ourselves to an evening at the day spa after the first day of skiing. We were both rather sore after day one, but rallied for day two. It was a spectacularly beautiful morning- bright sun, snow sparkling like diamonds, and freshly groomed runs. It couldn't have been more perfect. Here are two pictures from that morning....

Now it's back home and back to projects.... I spent the whole morning getting through everything on my desk. I have greatly reduced the piles of "To Do" paperwork. Now it's on to finishing the tax prep and getting lists organized for the basement project... as well as taking care of a sick Elsie. She doesn't feel too poorly, just not too perky.

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