Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finding Spring

This morning is so beautiful and warm with blue skies! I could hardly resist, so I grabbed my camera and headed out in my pyjamas to snap a few pictures.

They have this strange lighting quality about them, because my flash kept firing. I kind of like the way the daffodil one turned out.... and you can see the wonderful blue sky!

We are off to Home Depot this morning to buy lag bolts to hang our bathroom cabinet and to buy a new microwave. The handle came off 3 weeks ago and we've been making-do with the stump that's left. It won't last much longer, and if it breaks off then we can't get the door open. Miss Elsie and I are heading to the farm on Tuesday, so Dave will be installing the microwave while we are gone.... I like those kinds of projects.

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Tamara said...

stumbled onto your site from I don't even remember where... :)
I just wanted to comment on your flower photos...they look so beautiful. I think I am especially in awe of them as I am anticipating the arrival of spring. I live in the frozen wonderland of Canada and though I'm sure spring is on the horizon, it looks no where in sight. We still have oodles of snow & cold :(

Keep blogging :)