Thursday, May 03, 2007


Soft palette is itching... nose is running.... ears are itching.... throat is scratchy... itching in places that I can't scratch!!! It is spring and the tree pollen is killing me! It's a bummer because I love to garden, and I can't even be outside without a box of tissues. My Claritin no longer seems to be working well. I've got a call into the doctor's. Hopefully they can give me something else.

I'm trying to think of better things to keep my mind off this general itching feeling coming from my head. Here's a picture of Miss Elsie and me at the luau in Hawaii... right before it started to dump rain... at least there were no allergies.


PĂ©itseoga said...

hate that... especially the itching inner ear thing! i spent most of my childhood suffering from tree, grass and animal hair allergies - while growing up on a farm!
hope you'll get better soon!

mo said...

Oooo thats a pretty picture of you two. I want to bribe you to teach me to crochet. What will it take?!!

3anklebiters said...

the two of you are a pretty, pretty picture!