Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Mail Day!

Look at all the goodies that arrived in the mail today!

I love days like this. All these lovely things offset the large package I received from Taiwan for a freelance client which means more fittings and comments... ah well... back to the goodies...
These magazines are from Strikkelise. We've been swapping magazines. How cool are the sewing ones?

Why don't American pattern magazines have current, trendy fashions? I love these..

Then... I ordered some gorgeous hand-spun yarns from Camano Made. One of my internet gaming friends raises goats and dyes and spins. Look at these beautiful creations!

This one is 95% cashgora kid and is the softest, loftiest yarn I have ever owned. Just wonderful!

Black with a metallic eyelash...

Then 3 skeins of mohair/angora with beads!

I'm thinking for some kind of lacey wrap. The girls at Camano Made said it is a very hot yarn (apparently they have a sleeveless sweater that is so warm it cannot be worn). I hope my knitting skills do it justice.

A big thank you to Strikkelise for the magazines and to Laurie and Bec for the extra yarn goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!


Duvina said...

I'm glad you enjoy the yarn, I was out shearing a goat yesterday so stay tuned for more wild yarn!


3anklebiters said...

Very jealous of your goodies. My goats don't have pretty coats, they just make tasty cheese and bbq.