Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The spouse's birthday

Miss Elsie was so excited to bake her daddy a birthday cake. She asked him "Do you want a pink cake for your birthday? or a strawberry cake for your birthday?" Putting aside all personal preference, my darling husband told her that a pink cake was just what he wanted. So off to the store we went, so Elsie could select the pink cake mix. I normally bake cake from scratch, but being pressed for time Mr. Duncan Hines was there to bail me out.

Elsie wanted to decorate the cake herself with her various toys. It sounded much simpler than mixing different colors of frosting and getting out the decorating tips. She selected the toys she wanted to use, and I washed them up.

Of course, we were out of birthday candles, so had to make do with a tea light. Probably better and safer than 44 candles anyway.

The inside is princess pink. As Elsie started to fill to capacity she focused on eating the pink cake rather than the cream cheese frosting... which is the opposite of most kids... and some adults. Typically you eat the frosting as you start to fill up...

These were some delicate bouquets she picked for Daddy over the weekend to decorate his office space...

She loves to pick flowers. I'm going to have to keep an eye on her this summer.

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